What we offer

ACCOUNTING OFFICE EKOFINANSE specializes in providing services for small and medium-sized enterprises in accounting records and human resources and payroll settlements, legalization of foreigners’ employment and residence and settlement of drivers’ work time.

We offer comprehensive services in assuming the obligations of clients in relation to offices and institutions, including support within accountancy, payroll and human resources related to the conducted business activity.

As part of the cooperation with the client, we use modern communication systems, i.e. a modern platform, which enable to read data from invoices together with electronic circulation of documents.
Instead of wasting time, i.e. without a visit to our office, you can send us documents electronically or automatically save them – quickly and easily – with a system that gives you constant control over the documents you provide.

As part of our activities, we provide comprehensive accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our accounting services include, among many:

Keeping lump-sum records

  • Tax records of goods and services
  • Staff support

Keeping Revenue and Expense Ledgers

  • records of revenues and expenses
  • maintenance of fixed asset register
  • inventory of equipment, inventory of goods and services tax
  • staff service, settlement of owners
  • settlements with the Revenue Office (US) and the Social Insurance Office (ZUS)


  • settlement of owners
  • all legally required accounting records
  • preparation of reports (annual and monthly)
  • staff service
  • settlements with the Revenue Office (US) and the Social Insurance Office (ZUS).

HR and payroll services

  • Payroll lists
  • Employment contracts and civil contracts
  • Work time records
  • Social Insurance Office (ZUS) declarations
  • declarations of personal income tax (PIT-4)
  • PFRON declarations
  • delivering electronically documents to Social Insurance Office (ZUS)
  • preparing for the Board (owners) all kinds of employment reports
  • help with the organization of H&S trainings
  • supervision of human resources documentation – including preparation of the file of newly recruited staff
  • legalization of employment and residence of foreigners
  • obtaining financing for employment from employment office