Who we are

ACCOUNTING OFFICE EKOFINANSE is a company active in the market of financial and accounting services. We provide accounting and human resources/ payroll services for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The owner of Accounting Office EKOFINANSE has the right to provide bookkeeping services, 15 years of experience in bookkeeping , diploma in economics.

Access to specialized tax and human resources services and large-scale tax knowledge allows us to provide services at the highest professional level.

We work with licensed accounting software.

The office is insured against civil liability in the field of bookkeeping services and some tax consulting activities.

On request, we collect documents directly from the Client and deliver payroll lists, settlements, declarations, transfers by e-mail.

We can represent the Client at the Revenue Office (US) and Social Security Office (ZUS), Labor Office and Provincial Office.

Our Services

We provide services in the area of lump-sum records, revenue and expense ledgers, bookkeeping, as well as HR and payroll services, all at the highest level, with particular regard to the expectations of our Partners.

Apart from basic accounting and payroll services, we prepare budgets, business plans and management accounting documents based on data from accounting records.

We deal with settlements with PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Handicapped People) in the scope of obligatory payments and co-financing of salaries for disabled persons.

We provide services in the field of legalization of residence and employment of foreigners.

As part of our business, we deal with activities related to drivers’ time records.

We ensure the confidentiality of all the facts and information obtained when handling tasks entrusted us by our clients.

No matter what company you run, you are a key client for us.

Our goal is to satisfy our clients through high quality of our services.

Why us?

Quality. We are able to provide accounting services at the highest level at a competitive price.

Trust. Our accounting office is constantly evolving, because our satisfied clients recommend us to the next clients. It is hard to get a better recommendation.

We speak Russian, Ukrainian, German. As part of accounting or HR/payroll services we are ready to communicate in Russian, Ukrainian or German.

Reliable financial services.Direct contact with the Client and the highest quality financial services at competitive prices.